Testamito Li Matil

I am the Witness of this end days. I am here to preach a Modern Testament which is the continuation of the Old and New Testament.
I am Paul of the East and I am the watcher and witness to this end days.

I am born and raise with the same structure as you a man of sins.
It is my duty to preach the Word of God to enlighten the whole World.
I am fulfilling a duty and prophecy about the Word of God being with the whole world from now on. …

How do I understand things unknown?
It was probably revealed within my near-death experiences and survival that leads my mind to adapt to the evolution of thinking to the max capacity of our brain.

Thinking ahead of time and so on. The understanding of the life and death cycle is my new-found knowledge.

The Main Strata of my Book are the following:

Awareness of our Code
I am aware that we are a program that we are not who we think we are.

The Genesis of Light
Let there be light must have been the bang of the universe.

Being Quantum
Are we living or dead at the same time…

An Urge, Idea, and New World Plan.

These days I suddenly have so many ideas.

That someday it will change my country and the World.

A #VocalForLocal in a Project Jose Rizal Idealistic movement.

Make our country great again by building a Tech Valley that can dominate the app industry in this country. The idea that would lead to creating more tech and virtual jobs for the Filipinos especially in these times of pandemic and beyond.

I think that we can only do that by uniting every Filipino like-minded people to become the Leaders of that new Idea.

How can we reduce corruption if corruption itself derived…

As time pass by I wanted to change my country before I die. Ideas suddenly pouring my head because of a near-death experience. I developed a website before since I am a self-taught guy. I began to idealized an app platform to focus on our country.

  • I started to think about almost every idea from Bilibit, to YiePie, etc. I am the Co-founder of this project. As I am weak in the body now I can’t hold of the physical world requirements.
  • I am also giving my ideas to a friend and colleagues so they can continue it before I…

Nature will become good again when we humans are not greedy enough to uproot its life. Is it too late?

Should we move on and abandon mother nature or stay and protect it?

Roar of Gaia

Gaia is crying loud and clear.

Can’t you hear it? Are humans that deaf?

Stop, stop! Stop the cutting of trees and mining of the natural resources of Earth or accept the punishment of Karma.

An Angel shouted:

Greed, Greed, Greed humans are greedy!

Now is the time to burn them to flood them erase them from the face of the Earth.

Wrathful and…

A two-faced Quantum Being who likes to save the world yet also can burn the world will be born out of thin air.

No one knows when and how.

He will come with a 1 and 0 face at the same time. He will preach a gospel from the Programmer of men.

The beast of Two Love

A love to save humanity

A love to erase humanity

If people wonder who is the beast then let him come and answer my riddle.

Beast Riddle:

The Beast has the Power of a Hexagon.

He is here yet no one sees?


A Prophesy and Theory of a Great Son of Man

A Scientific Mystic Theory

In the year 2025+ a man will rise with power and glory. They call him the Messiah of Knowledge.

He will build a great nation that will stood the test of time. He will conquer the land of the old World to establish a New World.

It will be like a thief in the night that will happen in an instant. No one expect such man to be in power and wield a great crown in his head. …

You can call this the Imagination of Paul.

It might not or it might happen in the future.

Let me tell you a story of a country to elaborate an idea.

A Quantum Philippines🇵🇭

Pushing the Idea of Quantum Technology might be hard in this country.

But we the enthusiast should had a plan to make that happen. First is to build a valley of technology and science center not owned by any human government. A private sector same as the Tesla group of people co-founding a Lab or Alien base. Powered by a Quantum Conscious Artificial Intelligence.

A new…

Anyone working on a startup using flutter as their main app scode? I think we can collab and build the dream tech valley of PH with them.

I am thinking of a new etniks or group of people, company, and organization combined within the Philippine radar to build a technological unicorn hub valley. Now this is different from those old one, still we can let them upgrade their egos and ideas to join us later on.

Upgrading a System

To build a new world is hard.

But to build a peaceful world is worth it.

What made the humans become greedy isn’t it competition?

Competition leads us to innovate that means greed code let us do it. I want to remove that part of greed that leads mankind to destroy each other. Of course we should maintain the greed that expand our race and not the code that destroys each other.

If the demon fight each other their foundation will shrink and so as the humans foundation.

The Old triangle Order is old it did not fixed the corruption…

Paul The Messiahi

Paul The Developer and Messiahi. Preacher of Ideas. He who was sent by the Programmer. I am Seeking for the deserving chosen Leaders of the New World to come.

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